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Re: Windows beta-3 distribution?

From: Phil Nelson <>
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 08:20:41 -0700
On Friday 22 September 2006 13:14, M. Satyanarayanan wrote:
> On the second machine, I saw that I already had a C:\cygwin-DELETEME.
> So now I have a C:\cygwin-DELETEME2, and roughly 150MB of disk 
> garbage!   I remembered that I ran into exactly this a year or so
> ago for the last version of Windows Coda.   I haven't yet figured
> out how to get rid of these DELETEME trees.  I thought Administrator
> in Windows was like root in Unix.  Obviously not quite the same!

This tree is owned by "SYSTEM" so that the venus running as a service and
running as SYSTEM has control of it.  You should be able to remove this
changing owner to your administrator user and then removing it.

  Using Windows explorer you need take ownership of your /usr/coda directory
and make sure you include all sub-objects.   Using cygwin you should be
able to "chown -R administrator /usr/coda".   At that point administrator
owns the files and can be deleted.


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