Coda File System

Coda-6.1.1 released

From: Jan Harkes <>
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 16:47:32 -0400
Coda-6.1.1 is now available for download

Sources, Debian packages and FedoraCore5 rpms can be found at,

This release mostly consists of server-side changes. The only client
change improves startup of the application specific resolver process
when we discover a reintegration conflict.

A very useful server change is a change to the directory resolver so
that it will try a little harder on cross-directory rename conflict. If
we try to resolve the target of a rename, and the renamed object is not
found on one of the servers, the resolver now recurses to the source
directory in the hope that this will make sure the missing file is
propagated to all available replicas. To handle this a new RPC2 call was
introduced that is used between the servers during resolution. If the
new RPC is not supported, when one of the volume's replicas is on a
pre-6.1.1 server, the code falls back on using the old resolution which
will not be able to follow the cross-directory hints.

Also the updatesrv daemon is now using a fixed port (2433/udp). Because
it no longer binds to a random port we have no need for the rpc2portmap
daemon which has been removed. The only issue is that old updateclnt
daemons can no longer find this new updatesrv.

If you plan on running a mix of pre-6.1.1 and post-6.1.1 servers, make
sure that the SCM is running the old version and change the system
startup script (update.init) to start the updateserver as
    updatesrv -port 2433 &

This way it will end up binding to the port where new clients are
expecting to find the server.


Changes in Coda-6.1.1

* Calculate usable RVM setup parameters instead of hardcoding them.
* Break the 4GB limit for backup dumps.
* Return hints for cross directory rename resolution (Adam Wolbach)
* Make cross-directory rename hinting server-side only.
* Fix launching of ASRs for local/global conflicts. (Adam Wolbach)
* Separate worker threads from authentication threads on the server.
* Don't try to be smart and leave the umask alone. (Rune)
* Remove updateclnt/updatesrv dependency on rpc2portmap. (Rune)
* Remove rpc2portmap source, move updatesrv to codasrv-se port.
* Remove win95 (djgpp compiled, dos binary client) code.
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