Coda File System

Windows beta-3 distribution?

From: Phil Nelson <>
Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 14:12:58 -0700
Hi everyone,

   I'm interested to know if anyone has tried the most recent Windows XP
client.  I'd like reports of success as well as failure.   I'm also
interested if anyone has yet tried the big file support.

   In fact, I'd like to know how many people have installed any Windows XP
client.  If you have tried any version of Windows XP Coda client, please
answer the following questions in an e-mail to me.  (No need to send it
to the list.  I can send a follow up with a summary.)

   1) When and what version of the Windows XP Coda client did you try?

   2) Did you eventually end up with a usable Coda client?   Did you
      have any major problems getting a usable Coda client?

   3) Did you use the Coda cygwin mirror or some other cygwin mirror?

   4) Have you ever attempted to rebuild the Coda client user-land 
      utilities?  (lwp, rpc2, rvm, coda)

   5) Have you ever attempted to rebuild the Windows kernel module?

   6) What could the project do to improve your use of Coda on Windows?

   7) Have you found vcodacon a useful tool?

   8) Do you have another comments about the Windows XP Coda client?

Thank you much.  I'd like to have as many people as possible reply by
September 30, 2006 at the latest.

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e-mail:           Coda: 

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