Coda File System

What I'm doing wrong (2server per INET and Routers)

From: Andreas Kneiseler <>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 21:38:02 +0200

I have the following Configuration:

[ Server 1 Linux]
               ->  (Address isn't resolvable tthrough INET)
[ Router from QSC, all Ports are redericted to Server 1 ]
               -> inside
                |                         outside fixed ipaddress
                |                         (not under my control, for every 
change I need to call a tech)
[ *** INTERNET *** ]
[ Router SMC2804, I put Server 2 in DMZ ]
                -> inside
                |                          outside ip is changeing per DSL
[ Server 2 Linux ]

What i would like to have is:

server 1 is the master server 2 the slave server.

What I have running now at Server 1, codaserver and venus works OK
from another Linux-Machine a Venus to Server 1 works too.

Where I'm having trouble:

>From Server 2 I can't get a connection neither with vice-setup with option 
Secondary Server (NO SCM) nor per Venus

venus-setup 20000

will ask for a password but shortly after this I get :

Invalid login (RPC2_NOBINDING (F)).

I also tried to tell /etc/hosts, that has the outer 
IP-Adress from the QSC-Router.

doesn't work too !!!

What I'm doing wrong here ???

Andreas Kneiseler
Received on 2006-09-11 15:39:30