Coda File System

backup fails on large volumes?

From: Sean Caron <>
Date: Sun, 3 Sep 2006 16:41:44 -0400
Hi all,

I have recently added a bunch of data to my Coda cell, resulting in some
volumes that are a little larger than what I
have been working with recently.. say somewhere between three and six
gigabytes for a volume (can't tell for sure
since cfs lv hangs). When backup tries to gulp down one of these large
volumes, it seems as if a counter gets
overflowed somewhere and it doesn't dump the volume. An example entry from
the backup log looks something like,

16:03:33 Dumping 7f00001f.1000029 to
/backup/03Sep2006/ ...
16:20:39                Transferred -636288144 bytes

I haven't peeked at the code yet; just thought I would report it.. wondering
how easy it would be to fix? The volumes
seem to work fine in normal use.. backup just chokes.

Thanks! Sean
Received on 2006-09-03 19:09:25