Coda File System

Mixed enviroment will coda be right for me ?

From: Andreas Kneiseler <>
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2006 14:16:42 +0200
   Dear Listmembers,

   I plan to build at to different in Berlin a Coda server to get
Access to a Database program from those to points.

   What I thought was:

   If have at both Point a Coda Server, on is hooked to the Inter net
with a 2MB/1MB Line fixed IP and the second one is hooked up with a
20MB/760K Line at both servers I'll install Windows Clients, which
will access the Files at the coda Server per SAMBA.

   One side has about 12 Clients and the second one has about 6 or 8

   The Software I need to use works only at Windows (XP) and the
Databse files are a lot of dbf files (I think it used to be before a
DBASE Program).

   I got a huge amount of Pictures (about 12.000 files right now
stilll growing for about 20 per day) a lot dll files and about 20
different normal programfiles, that will be opened by the main
program from time to time. I already tried to figure out how many
file the program opens during operation (somthing between 30 and 60
files) those are mostly dll, pictures (for the menus etc).

   Before I tried to give a windows 2K over VPN a chance and figured

   Starting the Program per SHARE, it takes years, before I see
anything at the screen.

   When I was using Terminalservices, I don't have any video devices
(Like cameras) nor any COM-Ports (needed badly because of some
insurance-ID-Cards, that we need to use in germany.

   So, the Terminal Server isn't an option neither the Disk shareing
thing !!!

   Thats the reason why I took a look at CODA.

   Like I understood how the Program works with those DBASE file is:
it opens a file searxhes for the wanted record, than it'll close the
file and create a file where the locked record is written. All
workstations will work at it at the same time.

   Does anybody see any Problems (performance, data corruption etc)
when I'm going to build the network described above ??

   nice greetings from Germany


Received on 2006-08-29 09:19:24