Coda File System

Re: Real life lessons of disconnected mode

From: Stephen J. Turnbull <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 11:23:11 -0400
>>>>> "Satya" == M Satyanarayanan <> writes:

    Satya> One very early design choice we considered (but rejected)
    Satya> was to simply pin objects in the cache via hoarding. [...]
    Satya> One reason for rejecting the "sticky" approach was that we
    Satya> didn't have a good answer to the question of what to do if
    Satya> the resync step would cause a pinned subtree to expand
    Satya> greatly (beyond cache size limits).

I've experienced this; I had a project under CVS control that was
consuming about 80% of a 50MB cache.  After a few weeks of CVS
and editing operations, I'd accumulated a bunch of Emacs foo~ backups
(which I had a pretty good handle on), but even more "dark matter" in
the form of cvs .#foo-1.2.3 files.  Oops.

Maybe something a little more complicated than a simple "pin", such as
dedicating an allocation of cache space to a subtree?  Up to that
amount of space the files are pinned in the cache.  This would have
worked fine for my situation; I would have done a hoard walk before
disconnecting, hoard would have told me that tree didn't fit, and I
could have cleaned it out.

Alternatively, in my case a .coda_ignore file would have been fine.

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