Coda File System

Re: Please Help...

From: Adam Wolbach <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2006 18:30:37 -0400
Hi Peter,

The official Coda documentation, including the Coda HowTo, has been out 
of date for several years. A Coda wiki has been established at which contains many updates to 
incorrect portions of the manual, so you might find some help there. 
Also, the Readme is a more reliable source for installation instructions.

Could you reply with the errors? I'll try a Suse 10 install over here if 

Adam wrote:

>Dear Coda list,
>    I have been attempting to compile the linux-coda-6.4.tar.gz source on
>my Suse 10 install for quite some time now.
>The documentation is very confusing as the Readme file in the tarball has
>different directions from the web site's HowTo.
>Either way, I just get tons of errors when I attempt to make.  Can anyone
>Thank you so very much.  -Cheers, Peter.
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