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Re: CODA rollback simple history, Win2k, XP

From: <>
Date: Tue, 9 May 2006 10:07:42 +0200
On Tue, May 09, 2006 at 09:09:11AM +0200, Daniel Haensse wrote:
> it is possible with coda to keep older versions of a file. If somebody 
> overwrites a file, is it still possible to recover the overwritten file (is 
> it possible to keep e.g. the 3 latest versions of a file and recover them if 
> required?). If so, can a client retrieve these or does this require console 
> access to the server?


Coda supports one-level online backups.
That is done per Coda volume, not per file.
There has been a discussion about modifying the server to support
an arbitrary number of "snapshots", but nobody implemented that yet.
(that shouldn't be hard)

> We would like to mix Windows 2000/XP Clients with Linux Clients and Linux 
> servers, any problems with that. Is the Windows client stable?

It has packaging problems, with its dependency on Cygwin.
I hope Phil will repackage it as an independent unit.
The client lacks also support for symlinks.

> Any issues with running CODA over OpenVPN?

I would suggest holding your breath for a short moment
and then using the Coda's own transport protection instead of VPNs.
That is a lot more straightforward, as no host administration is involved.
In a sense, Coda is about avoiding host administration.

> Typically, the client-server bandwidth is limited. Does CODA provide 
> compression? Maybe activate this on OpenVPN?

Not due to compression, but Coda is in fact bandwidth-efficient.
Compression (as well as multiple backups) is among those
relative easy low priority improvements which the community imho
would be able to contribute.

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