Coda File System

codasrv crash on netbsd/sparc64 3.0

From: Sean Caron <>
Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 09:56:53 -0400
hello all

i'm trying to set up a coda server and it seems to be crashing on me..
here's the story:

machine: sun ultra 10/440 2M cache 256M RAM 9G SCSI disk on FDDI; running
NetBSD/sparc64 3.0 with *32 bit kernel* and *32 bit userland*

i downloaded & compiled all the pre-dependencies e.g. gnu make, autoconf,
libtool, readline, etc -- installed them all with no problems

installed & compiled dependencies: rpc2, rvm, lwp -- installed them all with
no problems

build & install coda 6.0.14 with standard options (./configure;make), make
make install-server on this box.

no errors reported.

i run vice-setup

this is a SCM, serverid 1
set up RVM log to FILE /rvm_log size 20M
set up RVM data to FILE /rvm_data size 315M

set up maximum files = 2M

seems to set up successfully

have it try to "get things started"

seems to go okay until, the box tries to start codasrv... codasrv does start
and run for a
little while.. say, a minute or so, then crashes always with the error to

09:38:50 Setting Rvm Truncate threshhold to 5.

Partition /vicepa: inodes in use: 0, total: 2097152.
09:39:43 Partition /vicepa: 63091568K available (minfree=4%), 51732128K
09:39:43 The server (pid 3998) can be controlled using volutil commands
09:39:43 "volutil -help" will give you a list of these commands
09:39:43 If desperate,
                "kill -SIGWINCH 3998" will increase debugging level
09:39:43        "kill -SIGUSR2 3998" will set debugging level to zero
09:39:43        "kill -9 3998" will kill a runaway server
09:39:43 ****** FILE SERVER INTERRUPTED BY SIGNAL 10 ******
09:39:43 ****** Aborting outstanding transactions, stand by...
09:39:43 Uncommitted transactions: 0
09:39:43 Uncommitted transactions: 0
09:39:43 Becoming a zombie now ........
09:39:43 You may use gdb to attach to 3998

(i touch'ed /vice/srv/ZOMBIFY)

If I look in the file /vice/SrvErr, I get:

Assertion failed: 0, file "", line 302

I can peek at the process with gdb but it seems to just have dumped out of
error handler:

(gdb) list
315         struct stat buff;
316         PROCESS parentPid, serverPid, resPid, smonPid, resworkerPid;
317         RPC2_PortIdent port1, *portlist[1];
318         RPC2_SubsysIdent server;
319         SFTP_Initializer sei;
320         ProgramType *pt;
321         int parent = -1;
322         char *pidfile;
324         coda_assert_action = CODA_ASSERT_EXIT;

I never was much of a programmer though... so I might not really be using
gdb to look
for the right things. Any programs I ever write are simple enough to debug
with printf()
or the like.. :)

Anyone have any ideas why codasrv might be dying on me? I'd definitely
appreciate any

Thanks, Sean
Received on 2006-04-25 09:58:40