Coda File System

Application-Specific Resolution

From: Adam Wolbach <>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2006 02:27:39 -0400
Hey everyone,

I'm an undergraduate at Carnegie Mellon University that has been doing 
work on Coda for the past year. The focus of this work has been towards 
re-implementing Application-Specific Resolution (ASR) as a solution for 
automatically repairing conflicts in Coda, both of the server/server and 
local/global varieties. The Linux ASR framework has been completed and 
is working in an experimental branch in the git repository. Over the 
summer, I plan to implement several different resolvers (known as ASRs) 
to solidify ASR's as a useful and lasting feature of the file system, as 
well as port the framework to different platforms.

I would like to poll the community to find out what the most common and 
annoying conflicts encountered are, in order to build a list of target 
applications to write resolvers for. For example, I have already 
implemented an ASR that automatically merges diverging copies of 
OpenOffice v1/2 documents and spreadsheets. What other applications 
(ideally Linux or Windows) cause the biggest headaches for Coda users?

Thanks for the input,

Adam Wolbach
Received on 2006-04-19 02:30:27