Coda File System

Re: FC5 compile error

From: Jerry Amundson <>
Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2006 00:58:59 -0500
Jan Harkes writes: 

> On Tue, Mar 28, 2006 at 11:20:56PM -0600, Jerry Amundson wrote:
>> Alright, I can handle those easily enough, but not this one...  
>> g++ -fno-exceptions -fcheck-new -Wall -MD -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. 
>> -I/home/jerry/rpm/BUILD/coda-6.0.14/coda-src/venus 
>> -I/home/jerry/rpm/BUILD/obj-6.0.14/include 
>> -I/home/jerry/rpm/BUILD/obj-6.0.14 -g -O2 -DVENUS -DTIMING -DVENUSDEBUG 
>> -DRVM_USELWP   -c -o vsg.o 
>> /home/jerry/rpm/BUILD/coda-6.0.14/coda-src/venus/
>> /home/jerry/rpm/BUILD/coda-6.0.14/coda-src/venus/ In member function 
>> ‘int vsgent::GetMgrp(mgrpent**, uid_t, int)’:
>> /home/jerry/rpm/BUILD/coda-6.0.14/coda-src/venus/ error: 
>> ‘Mgrp_Wait’ was not declared in this scope
>> make: *** [vsg.o] Error 1
> I haven't had a chance to look at these yet, but someone just sent a
> while batch of patches that fix these FC5 compilation problems. 
> Jan

Just posted this in RT, but the Result window showed "Message recorded
Ticket 1529: Permission Denied" (even though it displayed immediately on the 
page), so copying here also... 


 ---- RT posting ----
The spec files should not assume packaging as root, a security no-no. The 
BuildRoot: /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/@PACKAGE_at_-@VERSION@/Root
are also non-portable : Suse packages, for example will fail. Better to use 
BuildRoot: %{_builddir}/@PACKAGE_at_-@VERSION@/Root
or, ideally if it's possible
BuildRoot: %{_builddir}/%{name}-%{version}/Root
The latter preferred, as it avoids the chicken-egg problem that the spec 
needs configure
be run first, but rpm builds are designed to run configure for you. Finally, 
should use that format to be consistent with the others.

 I am also working on spec file improvement. Next after the above are 
BuildRequires, and
Requires, to accurately reflect dependencies between the four modules. I'll 
upload those
patches when ready - possibly a day or so.
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