Coda File System

long-term destination of Coda?

From: Adam Megacz <>
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 01:10:13 -0800
Please forgive me if this question sounds rude...

I'm wondering what the long-term goals of the Coda project are at this
point.  The project web pages seem to indicate that Coda really isn't
ready for any sort of non-experimental use.  At the same time, it
looks like the research project effort (begun in '89) has ended and
most code changes are very small maintainance tweaks being made by
former project staff on their own free time.

Does Coda have any ambitions of ever becoming a mature product?  Or
has its only (albeit huge) contribution been to prove to the world
that weakly-consistent filesystems can work?

  - a

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