Coda File System

Re: Server doesn't starts with 'rvm_init failed RVM_EIO'

From: Denis Chapligin <>
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 00:03:46 +0200

On Fri, Mar 10, 2006 at 09:35:44AM -0500, Jan Harkes wrote:
> Too bad search on www.coda seems to be broken right now, because I'm
> pretty sure I've seen this before.

I've searched Google before posting  and got only one answer from you,
with 'please send me a strace output' recommendation :)

> > 10:38:36 rvm_init failed RVM_EIO
> Somehow the RVM log must have gotten corrupted. Luckily Coda server tend
> to flush pretty frequently, so there is a 99% chance that everything
> will work when we reintialize the log. 

I've always thought that Coda is a great software indeed.

> But just in case,
> Could you get the rvm parameters out of /etc/coda/server.conf, i.e.
>     rvm_log="..."
>     rvm_data="..."
>     rvm_data_length="...."

Sure, here we go:

> And then run
tau:~# rvmutl /vice/LOG
* status
Status of log:           /vice/LOG

  log created on:        Tue Aug  9 2005 10:18:23.016139
  log created with:      RVM Interface Version 1.3  7 Mar 1994
                         RVM Log Version  1.4 Oct 17, 1997 
                         RVM Statistics Version 1.1 8 Dec 1992
  status last written:   Fri Mar 10 2006 10:51:02.625309
  last truncation:       Fri Mar 10 2006 10:51:02.625308

  log head offset:	    3547244

  previous head offset:     3547244
  log tail offset:   	    3548016
  previous tail offset:     3548016
  log empty:		    false

  space used by records:    772
  space	available:  	    20970748
  status area size:  	    1536
  total log size:	    20973056

  first record number:      541352
  last record number:  	    541352
  first timestamp: 	    null
  last timestamp:	    null
  first trans. uname:       null
  last trans. uname:	    null
> rvmutl has a bunch of other commands, one of which is 'recover' which is
> what the server uses during startup. It can also be used to reinitialize
> and clear the existing log.

Actually i wasn't sure about destructivism of rvmutl commands so i
prefered to do not touch anything.

						Denis Chapligin

Received on 2006-03-10 17:04:35