Coda File System

Re: Repacking Coda(WinXP) as standard Cygwin package (*.tar.bz2).

From: M.Kondrin <>
Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 00:43:53 +0300
Phil Nelson wrote:

>   1) The setup.exe untars files relative to / in Cygwin.  The coda file
> system has several files that need to be installed in something like
> C:\Windows\System32\drivers.   They could be copied from the / tree in
> a postinstall script, but I'm not sure if Cygwin provides a proper
> definition of C:\ or whatever the root of the system is.
In recent Cygwin releases all available disks are mounted during setup
under /cygdrive directory
>   2) There are Windows registry entries that need installation.
regtool utility I suppose can do this.
>   3) This may be the hardest ... I've have not seen any postinstall script
> that takes input from the user.  The Coda setup needs local information that
> only the user can supply.  This is things like size of the cache, the
> "default" realm, and any local realm server list.   It is possible that one
> could use some standard sizes and the testserver, but that requires the user
> to know how to change the definitions at a later time.  That would require 
> a user initiated step and documentation.   With the current situation, the
> user has to know something about coda before installing it.
But why not use venus-setup from cygwin command prompt? May be I am in
quite different situation: my users already use cygwin to access remote
servers, so I expect them to be accustomed to cygwin console. Although
it may happen that I just overestimates them :)
>   4) Error detection in the install was hard and may be even harder using the
> full cygwin setup situation.
>   I'm sure there are a couple of other things that I failed to remember.  I'm
> not currently looking at the install script.
>   Also, to do this properly, you need to be able to rebuild the .sys files
> for yourself.  Get the kernel module source distribution and learn to build
> the kernel module.
I remmember doing this (that is recompiling coda) a couple of times
before with alpha release and it works more or less smoothly with the
old .sys files (the ones extracted from coda archive).
>   I hope this helps.
Thank you.
Received on 2005-12-19 16:49:48