Coda File System

Re: Error when starting Venus

From: Chong Sein Yeo <>
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2005 14:00:18 -0500
I guess, the Wierd parameters show in the previous mails are the result of
my web browser. Anyways, The reason I was asking if the LWP error is a
problem is because I am experiencing some difficulty logging on to the coda
server. When I enter "clog adminuser" i get the following error.

Unable to resolve addresses for Coda auth2 servers in realm ........

and upon entering the password i get
Invalid login (RPC2_FAIL (F)).

Does anyone knows where did I go wrong? Thanks

On 11/9/05, Jan Harkes <> wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 09, 2005 at 03:49:51PM -0500, Chong Sein Yeo wrote:
> > Hello Guys,
> > I am experiencing some difficulty and was wondering if anyone have any
> clue
> > on what may be happening.
> >
> > I ran
> > "venus-setup <> <
> > <> <
>> 200000"
> ???
> That's some weird arguments for venus setup. It really only takes 2
> arguments,
> - the realm name, which is only used by clog/cunlog/cpasswd
> - the desired cache size
> Venus doesn't ever use the realm name, it is mostly a convenience thing
> for the user so that he doesn't have to type,
> clog
> That <> part defaults to
> the realmname= value in
> /etc/coda/venus.conf, which was set by venus-setup. So if that is set to
> something it is possible to simply type
> clog codausername
> The codausername part defaults to the login name of the user who invoked
> the clog command, so if the Coda usernames match the usernames on the
> local system it is even simpler and the user simply types,
> clog
> > 14:00:30 starting FSDB scan (8333, 200000) (25, 75, 4)
> Interesting, it looks like venus did pick up the right cache size.
> > 14:00:30 /coda now mounted.
> > ***LWP (0x8116e38): Select returns error: 4
> >
> > I was just wondering if anyone have any clue on why I am getting that
> > Error? Also, i am running Coda version 6.0.14 LWP version 2.1
> That error is harmless (EINTR). What happens is that when we try to
> mount /coda, the kernel has to ask the venus process what the attributes
> of the top level directory are so that it can create the inode object of
> the root. But mount is a blocking system call, which would mean that a
> single thread would get stuck in the mount, since venus is unable to
> handle upcalls while it is blocked waiting for the mount to complete.
> Because we don't expect all platforms to have threading, in fact most of
> Coda was written before pthreads was even a standard, we fork of a child
> process which does the mount("/coda"). The main process can then handle
> the upcalls needed to complete the mount process. When the mount
> completes the child exits and sends a signal to the parent. The parent
> is waiting in select for new upcall messages from the kernel which gets
> interrupted, ergo the EINTR error.
> Because the mount completed, Coda should be up and running at this
> point. You could see if 'ls /coda/' works.
> Jan

Warmest Regards,

Yeo Chong Sein
Received on 2005-11-14 14:01:30