Coda File System

Creating a replicated volume

From: Jeremy Bowen <>
Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 15:06:25 +1200
OK, I think I'm making some progress now and have successfully got Coda 
working using a single server. 

I can access a coda filesystem created on "mrblue.localdomain" from my client 
using the mount /coda/mrblue.localdomain/ after having done:
cfs lv /coda/mrblue.localdomain/

Now I'm trying to setup replicated volumes using multiple servers (and I'm 
failing to comprehend the terminology amongst other things)

I've been trying to follow the steps in the documentation and it all seems OK 
but I fall down when I come to mounting the replicated volumes.

What I have done is to edit the /vice/db/VSGDB file on the SCM so that it now 
7F000010	mrblue.localdomain
7F000010	mrblue.localdomain mrorange.localdomain

I'm now confused as to what commands I should use to create the replicated 
eg. createvol_rep 7F000010 mrblue.localdomain/vicepa 	or
createvol_rep coda:/test 7F000010

The docs seem somewhat ambiguous and once I've created the new volume, how do 
I mount it ?

How does the 7F000010 ID in the VSGDB file relate to the mount ?
Can mount the coda volume using a more sensible name (ie. something other than 
the hostname of the servers)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Received on 2005-09-08 23:07:39