Coda File System

Re: Inconsistent files that coda report as not inconsistent

From: Patrick Walsh <>
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 10:55:27 -0600
> At this point some file is probably already a conflict (the create or
> subsequent operation created a conflict). So something is trying to
> follow the dangling link.
> Does it work if you do not run this script as root?

	Root or not root didn't make a difference.  I wiped out all the
directories to start over again and now am using rsync and not copying
things from coda to temp in any instance.  I don't know if this will
avoid all conflicts in the future, but I suspect it will help quite a
bit especially since we were essentially retaining any conflict we had
so that they never seemed to go away.

	I'll watch this closely over the next few days and if we get any
conflicts I'll try to pin down where they happened and ask for more help
in eliminating them.

Patrick Walsh
eSoft Incorporated
303.444.1600 x3350

Received on 2005-07-14 12:56:18