Coda File System

Re: Inconsistent files that coda report as not inconsistent

From: Patrick Walsh <>
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 13:02:21 -0600
> 	The script that gets run regularly is some variation of the following.
> It downloads virus updates to a temp directory and moves it to coda:
> /bin/rm -rf $codadir/update.last
> /bin/mv $codadir/update $codadir/update.last
> /bin/mv $tempdir/$subdir $codadir/update
> 	That's basically it.  There are a couple of similar scripts that act on
> different directories.  It's possible they could be running at the same
> time though I don't think this typically happens.  
> 	The conflicts come back quite reliably after I delete them (which is to
> say, on the next update).

	One more thing to add on this.  The mv commands above are moving or
renaming an entire directory structure.  Within that structure only a
few files are being turned into dangling sym links.  The really
interesting thing is that it's usually the same files over and over

	And to throw one more point of interest in here, it is possible that a
read is attempted by another client or application somewhere in the
middle of the mv commands.  Though I doubt this would be happening every

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