Coda File System

new coda issue: touch a file and coda dies

From: Patrick Walsh <>
Date: Wed, 06 Jul 2005 15:40:22 -0600
	Alas, I'm back with a new coda issue.  Today was a day for a fresh
build of our server farm, and this means brand new coda and repopulate
coda.  We populate by scp'ing a large directory tree to a coda client
and then "cp -r" ing the tree over to coda.  We've done this now
numerous times.  This time, though, for some reason, the copy operation
failed midway through and caused the coda client to die.  Now we have an
RPM file that when you try to ls it, rm it, overwirte it, or in any way
touch it, the coda client dies.  

	We're running 6.0.11 with that patch that you had me apply just
recently.  Here's the console file:

12:53:02 Venus starting...
12:53:02 /coda now mounted.
***LWP (0x810ec50): Select returns error: 4

12:53:02 worker::main Got a bogus opcode 36
12:53:02 Resolved realm 'director'
12:53:18 readline-4.2-2.i386.rpm (5086c448.7f000003.1018.4de)
12:53:18 fatal error -- fsobj::dir_Create: (dir225,
5086c448.7f000003.fffffffc.802a7) Create failed!
12:53:18 RecovTerminate: dirty shutdown (1 uncommitted transactions)
Assertion failed: 0, file
line 95
Sleeping forever.  You may use gdb to attach to process 9980.

	venus.log really doesn't show anything interesting (to my eye anyway).

	Question 1: is there any way to get rid of this file of death so we can
salvage this installation?

	Question 2: what happened?  

	I can try to provide you gdb traces if you'd like, but I'll need to
install gdb first.  Just let me know.  

Thanks again,


Patrick Walsh
eSoft Incorporated
303.444.1600 x3350

Received on 2005-07-06 17:44:17