Coda File System

ACL problem with 6.0.11

From: Alastair Johnson <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 11:33:40 +0100
I've returned to coda after being diverted to other things, and upgraded to 
6.0.11 which sorted my earlier problem with RPC SFTP failing. Thanks for the 
fix. Thanks also to Patrick, Jan and any other wiki contributors out there 
for making my life a bit easier getting replication working.

One small problem is that I no longer seem to be able to set ACLs in the root 
volume. If as the admin configured in vice-setup I try changing the rights of 
System:AnyUser for a directory Conpany in the root volume i get:
$ cfs sa Company System:AnyUser none
Company: Connection timed out

Based on my memory and my noted this used to work in 6.0.8. The exact same 
syntax works for directories in volumes mounted below the root. The effect is 
repeatable on 2 test realms, one a single server using the FC2 rpms on FC4 
and one with the SCM using the FC2 rpms on FC3 and the second server running 
gentoo (root volume on the SCM only, as set up in vice-setup - I wanted to 
get the ACLs sorted before trying read-only replication of the root). The FC3 
SCM used entries in vice-setup identical to those for the working 6.0.8 SCM. 
Clients tried use FC2 rpms on FC3, and gentoo, neither being servers.

Anyone have any ideas about what might be happening? I'm going to increase the 
log level and see if there are any differences between a successful change 
and a failed one.

Received on 2005-06-30 06:37:51