Coda File System

Some Questions about CODA and its suitablity for a task i have

From: Tristram J. Cheer <>
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2005 17:11:37 +1200
Good Evening List,


Let me start by outlining what I want to do.


I'm starting a small ISP in New Zealand and I need some HA servers for
Radius, E-mail and Web Hosting. The software of choice is



Exim4 + SA + ClamAV

Apache + SSL



In order to do this I am employing a LinuxVirtualServer-NAT Config like


-------LVS Director 1-------------------------------Server 1

            |                       | Switch|-----------Server 2

            |                       |           |-----------Server 3

-------LVS Director 2-------------------------------Server 4



I will also have another server that's just doing SQL only for Virtual
Domains in Exim4 and Radius.


Each server will have a 10gb /home Directory for E-mail (MailDir Format)
and a 10gb /Var/WWW Directory for Apache Sites.


My question is this:


Will CODA be suitable to make sure that /home and /Var/www are the same
All the time between each server? I will have users uploading new www
content and I need a real-time updated common storage area for Exim4





P.S Sorry if the wannabe ASCII art doesn't show up correctly

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