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Re: A question on coda limitations

From: Alvin Chan <>
Date: Thu, 26 May 2005 15:51:57 +0800
Hi Ivan,

Firstly I'm sorry that I haven't clearly explain my situation.
I would like to know if that 2K-4K limit is applied to only a single layer 
of directories.

For example, the path is /coda/layer1/layer2/layer3. Is it the limit on the 
number of entires in layer1 is 2k - 4k, including those under layer2 and 
layer3? Or those under layer2 and layer3 are excluded?

Best regards,

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> On Thu, May 26, 2005 at 09:15:38AM +0800, Alvin Chan wrote:
>> Actually I've read that before. I just can't get the meaning about the
>> directory size. Does it mean the limitation on number of entries stand
>> between 2048 - 4096?
> Hi Alvin,
> a directory consists of bytes stored somewhere (in the "recoverable
> virtual memory") and there is a size limit in bytes.
> As an entry in a directory can take different number of bytes depending,
> say, on the length of the corresponding object name, you can not easily
> recalculate the size limit in bytes into size limit in entries.
> The rule of thumb to rely on would be the numbers indicated in the Wiki,
> 2-4K entries per directory.
> Hope it clears a possible confusion.
> Best regards,
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> Ivan
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