Coda File System

Is coda not good at handling huge files?

From: Alvin Chan <>
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 17:52:38 +0800
Hi all,

I've been working much with coda these two days, so maybe I've put up too many questions :-)

I've tried to copy some large files (about 600MB each) into the filesystem and it seems coda cannot handle it well. Firstly, though not the most critical problem, the speed is quite slow. Secondly, there is cache overlow and once that happens, the coda client begins to behave abnormally. Sometimes it is write-disconnected to the volume, or it can't go on to write anything onto the volume unless I restart it by "venus -init". Thirdly, other client will lose connection to the volume for a short period of time after the write operation.

I don't know if I've set anything wrong. Or is it just the case for coda?

Thanks in advance.

Alvin chan
Received on 2005-05-24 05:54:05