Coda File System

Coda client fail to scan volumes on testserver

From: Alvin Chan <>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 11:46:11 +0800
Hi all,

I've just installed a coda client of the latest release (6.0.10) on redhat linux enterprise 3.0. I go on to test the client with the testserver. So I first run the setup command:

# venus-setup 20000

Everything seems fine and then I start the client by

# venus &

At first I think it can't connect to the testserver as I couldn't see anything under the /coda directory. However if I browse the directory using

# ls /coda/

then the client can connect to the testserver and I could browse and write to the playground. But it is quite abnormal since the client should be able to scan the volumes and get the path upon startup. Instead I need to explicitly specify the path name to view the stuff on testserver. I check /usr/coda/etc/console and there is the log:

Date: Mon 05/23/2005

11:23:54 Coda Venus, version 6.0.10
11:23:54 /usr/coda/LOG size is 564492 bytes
11:23:54 /usr/coda/DATA size is 2257968 bytes
11:23:54 Initializing RVM data...
11:23:54 ...done
11:23:54 Loading RVM data
11:23:54 Starting RealmDB scan
11:23:54        Found 1 realms
11:23:54 starting VDB scan
11:23:54        0 volume replicas
11:23:54        0 replicated volumes
11:23:54        0 CML entries allocated
11:23:54        0 CML entries on free-list
11:23:55 starting FSDB scan (833, 20000) (25, 75, 4)
11:23:55        0 cache files in table (0 blocks)
11:23:55        833 cache files on free-list
11:23:55 starting HDB scan
11:23:55        0 hdb entries in table
11:23:55        0 hdb entries on free-list
11:23:55 Initial LRDB allocation
11:23:55 Mounting root volume...
11:23:55 Venus starting...
11:23:55 /coda now mounted.
***LWP (0x811caa0): Select returns error: 4

11:24:22 Resolved realm ''
11:25:27 RecovTerminate: clean shutdown

So what's wrong with my coda client?

Thanks in advance.

Alvin Chan
Received on 2005-05-22 23:47:52