Coda File System


From: Patrick Walsh <>
Date: Fri, 06 May 2005 10:14:38 -0600
	I was under the impression that coda used multicast to broadcast
updates, but I'm not sure this is happening.  I noticed there is a
command: vutil -mc 1, that is supposed to turn it on.  Is this stable?
Where is it used?  When a client does a write, does it multicast it to
the entire realm (if possible)?  Or is it just when a server is sending
updates to multiple replicas?  Or can a server use multicast to notify
all nearby clients of a change to a file?

	There seem to be plenty of places, particularly in the RPC2
documentation, that talk about multicast, but none that seem to say
exactly how it is used or when.  

	If it isn't set up to be used by default, I'd be curious to know why
this is the case.  Was it unreliable? 

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Received on 2005-05-06 12:16:22