Coda File System

Re: Authentication failed

From: Patrick Walsh <>
Date: Tue, 03 May 2005 08:16:50 -0600
> /*
> clog "codaadmin"*/      <== name given to the coda Administrator.
> /*username : codaadmin_at_192.168.120.210
> password :                                         
> Invalid login   (RPC2_NOBINDING (F))

	First, I see the use of an IP address.  As far as I know, coda is
pretty picky about the use of IP addresses.  See this page for
instructions on setting up coda without DNS:

> */What password have i to give?

	The password for the coda root user is set during the vice-setup
process and the default is "changeme" without the quotes.  

> Where and when  is set ?
> Where can i change it?

	You need to review the documentation before asking these questions.

> The package i have installed  on the server are:
> /*coda-server_6.0.7_i386.deb
> coda-server_6.0.7_i386.deb
> liblwp2_12_i386.deb
> librpc24_1.23_i386.deb
> librvml_1.10_i386.deb
> rvm-tools_1.10_i386.deb*/
> Are they sufficient or must i intall other ones to have best results
> or performances?  Wich package(s) must i install to get the "au"
> command?

	The au command is part of the coda-client package and is meant to be
run from a client.

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Received on 2005-05-03 10:17:55