Coda File System

updatesrv and strange ports

From: Patrick Walsh <>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 09:24:25 -0600
	While testing server firewall rules and checking traffic between two
servers, I noticed some odd udp traffic.  It turns out that updatesrv is
using ports that it shouldn't be.  updatesrv should be listening to the
codasrv port, 2432 (as listed in /etc/services), but instead it's
listening to these ports:

# lsof -P -i -n |grep updatesrv
updatesrv 10956     root    3u  IPv4 6028190       UDP *:33802
updatesrv 30339     root    5u  IPv4 5699700       UDP *:33756

	It appears that the ports that updatesrv listens on are completely
random and I have no way of knowing what ports to open on my firewall
ahead of time.  Is this correct?  Is there a way to force updatesrv to
listen on a particular port?  Or is there a range of ports that it will
always be listening on?

	(Note that this is unrelated to the venus masquerade options.)

Patrick Walsh
eSoft Incorporated
303.444.1600 x3350

Received on 2005-04-26 11:28:15