Coda File System

Problems with multiple file cp.

From: John Anderson <>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 13:30:47 -0700
Hello all,

I've run into a bit of snag when coping a few thousand small files into 
a coda volume from a standard ext3 volume.  Cp copies the first 3,000 or 
so files  out of 14,069 files on the ext3 filesystem, then venus goes a 
bit nuts.  Errors such as the one below[1]  blast on the console, and 
the error is repeated for every file in the list of files to copied that 
has not been copied already. After the cp fails, /coda/ is not 
accessible as the "No psuedo device" error listed below is displayed 
anytime I try access /coda/.  I have to stop venus and restart venus in 
order to get /coda/ back.    Has anyone had the same or similar errors 
under similar circumstances?

The directory structure I'm copying looks like this:

       - Tons of .gif files
             -Tons of .gif files

I have duplicated this error on two kernel versions (2.6.5 &  
Below are some straces and other information that one may find useful in 
diagnosing this problem  I didn't bother to include the straces and cp 
output from since it was largely redundant.  If that is 
necessary, or if any other information is wanted pelase let me know and 
I'll post those as well.

[1]   Errors from CP followed by errors from the kernel module:
cp:  accessing 
No such device or address    *File and path name vary*
No psuedo device in upcall comms at 2291bd20

[2]  venus.conf

[3] Disk usage stats before the error & after

[4] Output of cp on kenel 2.6.5 (1.4 MB Mostly redundant)

[5] Output of an strace attached to above cp's PID (8.5 MB)

- John A.
Systems Administrator
CCBill, LLC.
Received on 2005-04-21 16:33:08