Coda File System

Re: Non-SCM server setup problem

From: Alastair Johnson <>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 11:45:37 +0100
On Tuesday 12 April 2005 20:40, Jan Harkes wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 12, 2005 at 11:42:36AM +0100, Alastair Johnson wrote:
> > Is this the master server, aka the SCM machine? (y/n) n
> > Enter the hostname of the SCM machine : <scm_hostname>
> > Enter the update token that matches SCM <scm_hostname>: <my_token>
> > Fetching needed files from SCM <scm_hostname>.
> >
> > Date: Tue 04/12/2005
> >
> > 11:25:44 Fetch failed with RPC2_SEFAIL2 (F)
> >
> > updatefetch failed with RPC2_SEFAIL2 (F)
> > Could not fetch prot_users.cdb from SCM.  Make sure SCM is setup
> > correctly and then rerun /usr/sbin/vice-setup.
> Interesting, it already managed to fetch several files before it failed
> on this one. So I guess rpc2portmap and updatesrv are already running on
> the SCM.
> Does the file /vice/db/prot_users.cdb exist on the SCM?
> Jan

Manually running the updatefetch for db/prot_users.cdb fails as in vice-setup. 
Manual fetches for db/ and db/files succeed, and vice-setup 
successfully fetches the 4 other files. Of these, 3 have the same permissions 
as prot_users.cdb, though I note they do not retain the same permissions when 
they reach the non-scm machine. This leaves, and 
world-readable on the non-scm which doesn't seem good.

The only difference I've found so far is that prot_users.cdb is the only file 
that's in use, mmap'ed by auth2 and codasrv (see below). Assuming this is 
normal, is there some guidance I've missed, like 'Don't put /vice on 
reiserfs'? I presume coda uses a process similar to updatefetch for 
synchronisation, so even if I manually went through the setup process 
manually to get teh non-scm machine running I would likely have 
shnchronisation problems when prot_users.cdb gets updated.

bash-2.05b# fuser /vice/db/prot_users.cdb
/vice/db/prot_users.cdb: 18765m 18792m
bash-2.05b# fuser /vice/db/
bash-2.05b# fuser /vice/db/
bash-2.05b# fuser /vice/db/auth2.lock
bash-2.05b# fuser /vice/db/
bash-2.05b# ps -e |grep 18765
18765 ?        00:00:00 auth2
bash-2.05b# ps -e |grep 18792
18792 ?        00:00:00 codasrv
bash-2.05b# fuser /vice/db/servers
bash-2.05b# fuser /vice/db/files
Received on 2005-04-14 06:41:24