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Re: Coda project needs - documentation

From: Patrick Walsh <>
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2005 16:07:14 -0600
> - the "owner" has no meaning on Coda, and the corresponding "access bits"
> are abused in a controversial way (they limit access to the file for all,
> but are not enforced by the servers, so anyone with a modified client can go
> around that access "limitation") so it is best to ignore them for all purposes
> except cosmetical

	When I create groups I specify an owner and I thought (wrongly) that
acls were done on a per-volume basis.  

	I think what you're saying is that you can apply unix permissions to
files, but that's useless, you have to stick with coda acls to deal with
group and user permissions, correct?  Or can acl's be circumvented with
a modified client?

> - "group" bits are totally irrelevant on Coda, ignore
> (Coda groups are totally different from Unix ones)

	Again, coda groups can have rights to directories, they just don't mesh
with unix-style permissions and ownership, correct?

> it could be done inside one volume. The main idea was to separate
> different kinds of data into separate volumes.


> The size of RVM on the client is calculated very differently compared
> to one on a server. Venus allocated RVM not only for files or directories,
> but also for file changes which can happen in disonnected mode. It makes
> the client a lot more RVM-hungry than the server for the same amount of data
> (number of files and directories, which on the other side is usually a lot
> higher on a server than on a client)

	Huh.  Very interesting.  What happens if you run into this limit?  Can
you calculate it somehow?  Like by adding max hoard files in venus.conf
and then figuring on a certain amount of RVM per file?  Or do the diffs
reside in RVM?  This has a big impact on how I allocate RVM and cache
size on my clients and I'd like to understand it a bit better (even
though I don't expect much disconnected writing to occur).

> Again, I think your document is very useful.

	As are your e-mails!

	When I've got the above clarified I'll send out a new draft.

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