Coda File System

partitions and partition sizes

From: Patrick Walsh <>
Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2005 17:31:13 -0700
Hi folks,

	I have some basic questions regarding optimal partition sizes and such.
I've been through the documentation and the mailing lists, but it's hard
to tell what's still applicable and what's not (for example, the Coda
HowTo still recommends the 4% rule of thumb).

	I have one disk that I can split up any way I like.  Unfortunately, two
disks is out of the question.  

	Our total storage need in coda will be around 40gb.

* First question: What is the optimal size of a volume?  Is it still
true that smaller volumes are better?  The data would separate naturally
into four different volumes of varying sizes from 2gb to 18gb.  But is
there a benefit to doing this?

* Second: I think I remember reading something about avoiding ext3.  Is
that for the actual files?  Or just for rvm metadata and logs?  

* Third: Is there any rule of thumb for how large to make the rvm log

* Fourth: Is it still true that partitions are superior to files?

* Fifth: Do I want my data to be on a separate partition from the rest
of the system?

* Finally: If I use four volumes and put all of the actual data in
a /vicepa dir on my main system partition, do I then need 8 partitions,
2 RVM partitions for each volume?  Or can I have one big RVM log and one
big RVM metadata partition shared between the volumes.

	I'm sorry I couldn't answer these questions with any degree of
certainty myself.  I appreciate your help with this since I believe
these are important decisions that probably can't be easily changed

All help is appreciated.  



Patrick Walsh
eSoft Incorporated
303.444.1600 x3350

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