Coda File System

Coda vs Google ...

From: Ivan Popov <>
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 18:06:39 +0200

some days ago I found an insightful comment on a slashdot story about Google.

If Coda-alike is going to be written from scratch, it might be Google who does
that... or anyone who sees the potential and has enough money.

Coda did it right, just evolved too slowly to come in time,
or may be we still have a chance?

I mean a chance to have a full-scale free technology
instead of a proprietary one

which otherwise would fill the niche and attract (and force) the community
to use and pay for the technology, besides the services?

Coda is still unique, and there is a clear interest for global
file service... Now it _is_ possible to use Coda for making money,
offer services and be paid for them, not for the technology. :
Comment by Mystified
Personally, I think it makes massive sense to build a "desktop" stack of applications delivered over the internet and with centrally stored, encrypted data and to sell that service on a recurring subscription basis. If the apps worked across platforms from my laptop to my cell phone and provided easy access to the knowledge of the world, I would seriously think about paying that monthly fee (provided they did not spam me with targetted ads or sell my PII).

The applications delivery is already taken care of by
A decent "homedir" service with an application environment
will fit nicely for those needs.

I think if Coda would get a comparable extra funding as OpenAFS had
(it got over $100000 in 2003), in a year we might be ready for safe and robust
applications and home dir servicing on several 32 and 64-bit platforms
and without the most annoying of the current limitations.

Let us hope that somebody will invest money into Coda, not
proprietarily reimplement, "ebrace and extend"...

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