Coda File System

increasing realms found and other client weirdness

From: Gabriel B. <>
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 09:59:00 -0300
Hello there,

Can you people help me understand what's happening around here? i'm
kinda clueless...

yesterday i let the client "uploading" some data to the server. today,
it was hanging there. I canceled the cp command, checked the tokens.
everything seemed fine

the weird part is that a "ls /coda/server" showed me "dir1", but if i
typed "cd /coda/server<tab><tab>" it showed me a list of about 10 dirs
that should be there.
if i cd into another dir than dir1, then it gives a "time out" error,
but gives the error instantaneously.

then, i restarted venus thinking it's some kind of cache. and started it again.
Well, i have only realm. one SCM, one line in /etc/coda/realms.
But venus said it found 3. And i recall it saying 2 the startup before this.

I was copying about 7Gb of small files to a coda server that has about
20Gb of free space in /vicepa, 20M of rvm log, and 130M of rvm data.
all of them are files since i can't repartition the server without
knowing that we will use coda for sure.

I will try the same thing after the server cames up. it's taking the
time i wrote this email...

btw, right after starting the server i send the SIGWINCH signal. but
it generate nothing in the logs. On the other hand, my venus.log is
more than 90M!

the lines right before the hand in venus.err are
05:01:30 Checkpointing p.www
05:01:30 to /usr/coda/spool/0/camboinha.servers_p.www.tar
05:01:30 and /usr/coda/spool/0/camboinha.servers_p.www.cml
09:07:58 DispatchWorker: signal received (seq = 2417081)
09:21:46 DispatchWorker: signal received (seq = 2417109)

Received on 2005-03-11 08:02:05