Coda File System

Re: Coda-client-setup 0.5 released

From: Greg Troxel <>
Date: 10 Mar 2005 20:15:14 -0500
Jan Harkes <> writes:

> Actually, there is this annoying bug where a user with expired tokens
> gets EACCESS on everything, even on those files that are accessible by
> System:Anyuser.

I think tih's problem is worse, having a hang and not just EACCESS (or

> Only figured that one out a couple of days ago. I think it got
> introduced with or shortly after the realms code got merged, so the
> problem has been around for a while.

Is is fixed now?

> > I am suspicious of how venus handles revoking objects in the cache
> > that are still open in the kernel.  I don't have $HOME in coda, just
> > bits that I symlink in, so I am much less likely to have files open
> > all the time.
> So am I, there are a couple of places where we seem to use 'fsobj::Kill'
> a bit eagerly and that operations pretty much pulls the rug out from
> under the kernel. But it is hard to figure out exactly what correct
> way(s) are to get rid of objects under various conditions. I once tried
> to replace the cache replacement with something real simple (like an
> LRU) and everything started breaking in unexpected places.

If changing the replacement policy breaks things, that means it is not
right to start with, I'd say.  I know that's not helpful.....

This seems really hard, since normal filesystems only delete files
from the filesystem.  I suppose if the vnode is still there and marked
bad, that might work.  But, NFS and Arla/AFS should have similar
issues.  I should find some CST to look into this more.....

        Greg Troxel <>
Received on 2005-03-10 20:17:55