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Re: Coda-client-setup 0.5 released

From: Stephen J. Turnbull <>
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2005 13:02:27 +0900
Oops, crossed in the mail; this is a report on coda-client-setup 0.4.
I will try the new coda-client-setup later.

Does coda-client-setup 0.5 allow Darwin 7.8?  Version 0.4 didn't, but
it works for me.

>>>>> "Ivan" == Ivan Popov <> writes:

    Ivan> I invite you to test and use the new version of
    Ivan> coda-client-setup installer, it uses up-to-date versions of
    Ivan> the libraries and Coda itself.

This is Coda 6.0.9, or current CVS?  I can't get my own build of
current CVS to work on Mac OS X 10.3.8 (Darwin 7.8.0) plus DarwinCoda
-r Research (both cvs update on 03/05).  I also had to make a number
of changes to the code to get a successful build (I'll report that
later, I need to collect the warnings and diffs).

When that didn't work, I tried the Konvalo coda-client-setup (v 0.4).
After editing the version check to allow Darwin 7.8.0, Konvalo Coda
6.0.6 client is working fine for me (with my own build of DarwinCoda

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