Coda File System

Re: old documentation

From: Gabriel B. <>
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 18:48:29 -0300
On Fri, 4 Mar 2005 17:38:36 -0300, "Gabriel B."
<> wrote:
> > > then, the documentation tells me to do
> > >   #createvol_rep your-root-volume E0000100 /vicepa
> > 
> > Obsoleted, instead of the cryptic "volume storage group name E0000100",
> > (a name which comes from IPv4 multicast addresses) you just list
> > on the command line the servers which shall contain the new volume
> > replicas.
> > 
> Can someone points me to a working example?
> My guess below didn't worked...
> # createvol_rep root serverName/vicepa
> Failed to dump the current VRDB into /vice/db/

As usual, i will reply to myself increasing the question :)

I'm running the script with bash -x, i ended up commenting the "exit
1"s from some partition check (why it must check for other partitions
when i'm creating the first one?)
now its running for a long time. i pause/cancel it and my dir /vicepa
only has a zero size file FTREEDB.

also, when i do an ls in /coda on the client, it take ages, and then i get:
bossnes:/# ls -la /coda/camboinha.servers 
lrw-r--r--    1 root     nogroup        20 Mar  4 18:31
/coda/camboinha.servers -> #@camboinha.servers
bossnes:/# cd /coda/

Is this right?

Thanks again!
...have a great weekend everyone
Received on 2005-03-04 16:50:07