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Re: Client on WinXP

From: Phil Nelson <>
Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2005 11:29:14 -0800
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On Friday 04 March 2005 06:56, mkondrin wrote:
> Friendly Ghost wrote:
> > Does anybody have success on running CODA client on WinXP (Preferably
> > non-cygwin version)?
> I am not running Coda on Windows. I have considered this but without
> success. First of all non-cygwin version is impossible (because Coda is
> strictly POSIX, so in any case you need a POSIX wrapper around a
> non-POSIX Win-API). Second, even publicly available a7.exe client does
> not work with new versions of Cygwin (it looks like Cygwin has changed
> some hardcoded parameters, so a7 is broken now, I did not managed to
> launch it). Publishing of new version of windows coda-client  is stucked
> into some controversion about third-party libraries, so when new version
> will be available is unknown.

I can tell you a bit about this.   There is progress on the front of getting a 
"complete" source code distribution out.   There is also a newer alpha binary 
distribution that is running with XP service pack 2 and a recent distribution 
of cygwin.   As noted above, the coda client does require cygwin.   

I will be putting the most recent binary distribution of the Coda client for 
Windows on the coda ftp server soon.   I'll make an announcement when I have 
completed that job.  This most recent coda client includes getting a version 
of cygwin from a mirror of cygwin maintained by the coda project.  It is not 
updated as often as other cygwin mirrors to make sure that the client runs 
with the version of cygwin distributed by the coda project.

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