Coda File System

Re: subscribe

From: Janis Bistevins <>
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005 16:32:25 -0300
Hi all!
I'm starting with coda. Finally get SCM up and running and now I have
some problems with the non-SCM machine.
When I run #vice-setup after entering the SCM machine and update token i get: 
Date: Thu 03/03/2005

16:24:03 Fetch failed with No such file or directory

updatefetch failed with No such file or directory

And then start asking me for the RVM part.

What log or info can I post so I give more tools to help me?

Both machines are Gentoo boxes. 

Thanks in advance.

Janis Daniel Bistevins
Patagonia Argentina
Received on 2005-03-03 14:36:11