Coda File System

Re: General Coda Questions

From: Michael Tautschnig <>
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 09:23:15 +0100 (CET)

>> 4) Given hardware availability, what is the maximum amount of storage
>> space can coda handle?  Is there a difference if I had 100gb of small
>> files instead of 100 1GB files as far as RVM data, or anything else is
>> concerned?
> Unknown, based on that 4% rule it was assumed that we would max out
> addressable memory for RVM on a 32-bit machine (2-3GB) when we hit
> around 50GB. But one of our servers already stores more than 35GB, but
> is only using about 165MB of RVM. Going from there I would put the
> maximum capacity for that particular file set around 2.8TB, but we
> probably would hit a lot of other problems before we get there.
> Really it is the number of files which is the problem, which is where
> rvmsizer is useful.
Just to add some data, I tried that:

41113 directories, 492946 files, 48154 directory pages
total file size        130761550629 bytes (124703.93MB)
average file size      265265 bytes
total directory size   171589632 bytes (163.64MB)
average directory size 4173 bytes
estimated RVM usage based on object counts, 203980644 bytes (194.53MB)
estimated RVM usage based on 4% rule,       5237325610 bytes (4994.70MB)

But another question came up:

WARNING: '/bla' needs 373 pages and won't fit in Coda

- at first: Is there anything, I could do about that - or will anything be 
done about it?
- what happens, if I try to move /bla into coda?

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