Coda File System

Re: Realms and machine names

From: Stephen J. Turnbull <>
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 11:39:20 +0900
>>>>> "Alan" == Alan Tam <> writes:

    Alan> I don't think [client+server on one host] is very
    Alan> efficiently, but is probably the best we can do if we want
    Alan> the data to be accessed mainly on one machine and sometimes
    Alan> somewhere else.

If you are very short of reasonable machines (I would say 500MHz
Pentium II, 512MB RAM or better to have a dedicated server, hard drive
to match data needs), you can run Coda server+client on a single
workstation and clients on satellite machines (such as notebooks).  I
do that on a 450MHz PII 256MB RAM, but it makes other operations on
the server+client machine painfully slow.  However, since the client
only accesses data through the Coda protocol and thus must maintain
its own cache of the files, there's no advantage ever to having the
client on the same machine as the server.

    Alan> I think nobody would try to use localhost as hostname. But
    Alan> won't my situation be common somehow?

I don't think enough people are using Coda in that kind of setup yet
to say it's "common" now, but I think you're right that many people
will want to do that in the future.

    Alan> Then shan't we be able to tell coda to simply treat the
    Alan> machines as and regardless of their other
    Alan> IP addresses?

You can do this, but I don't recall how offhand.  Coda documentation
of the more recent improvements is one area that really needs some
work.  You could search the archives for "multihome" if you're in a
hurry, but Jan will probably respond shortly.

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