Coda File System

Realms and machine names

From: Alan Tam <>
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 04:10:49 +0800

I've problem understanding how realms and machine names work in coda.

I have 2 volumes, one for development data and one for production data, 
and for effciency reasons, development data is stored in a development 
machine, and vice versa. Should I have 2 realms, or just 1? 2 realms 
because it sounds more natural to have something like /coda/dev for 
development and /code/prod for production data. 1 realm because it 
sounds wierd to "clog myname_at_dev".

Machine Name
Upon vice-setup, you have detected a machine name for the server, most 
probably by the "hostname" command or equivalent. But I don't like it, 
as this domain name is only for public access, and hence coda traffic 
shan't pass through it, but using the internal IP, hence another domain, 
instead. My initial inspection indicates that these places stores the 
"detected machine name":
- hostname
- db/scm/
- db/servers
- db/vicetab
- vol/remote/*
- vol/BigVolumeList
How should I proceed to change them to the name I want? It seems 
changing all of them simply doesn't work - on codasrv startup, it will 
assume its detected machine name correct and complain about db/servers 
not mentioning that name.

Thanks for your kind help.

Received on 2005-02-09 15:11:53