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Re: Oops under Coda 6.0.8/Linux 2.6.10

From: Nicholas Haggin <>
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2005 14:56:24 -0600
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Jan Harkes wrote:
| Is mozilla using anything from /coda?


| You mention 'returning the system', is that return from
| hibernation, hardware suspend, swsusp or something similar, or just
| returning from standby?

	None of the above; the system was left running on AC power while I went
off and did other things; "upon returning" referred to my return.

| One thing you could check is if uslocate is trashing through /coda on
| it's nightly run, that could tickle some bugs in the venus cache
| replacement. But the effect would be that venus dies and accesses to
| files in /coda return EIO, it definitely shouldn't destabilize the
| system in the way you describe or give any kernel oopses.

	updatedb on my system is configured to ignore /coda, so that shouldn't
be a problem.

| I am definitely interested in that kernel oops. You could use
| 'ctrl-alt-f1' to switch to a console, log in as root and kill just the
| venus process. Maybe that will trigger the oops without completely
| shutting down the system.

	I'll see what I can do. I may take Maurice's advice and try the network
console; either way, the system should destabilize tomorrow evening. :)

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