Coda File System

Re: Coda on AMD64 (Linux) and Windows2000/Xp

From: Brett Lymn <>
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2005 22:59:15 +1030
On Fri, Jan 21, 2005 at 01:04:00PM -0500, Jan Harkes wrote:
> LWP depends on a tiny bit of assembly for each CPU, I don't think anyone
> has ever written the bit needed for AMD64. In the LWP source tree there
> is a little 'PORTING' document that contains some notes on what the main
> obstacles are.

Ummmm Jan, I did write that - I submitted a patch for it.  I don't know
where it got to but I do still have the code (actually, I put it into the
NetBSD pkgsrc patches for lwp so I could at least build lwp on my NetBSD
amd64 machine :)

> I'm assuming that the x86_64 assembly is fairly similar to the i386
> assembly. Some of the numbers probably have to be changed a bit.

Yes, when the amd64 is in true 64bit mode the number of registers is
doubled and the function calling convention is very different for amd64,
the first 8 (I am going from memory here..) function parameters are
passed in registers instead of using a stack frame.

> Yeah, once you get LWP running, most of the rest will probably compile
> but it won't be compatible on the wire with 32-bit architectures.

Hmmm... that was not my experience.  I am not sure what is broken
I get everything built on NetBSD but it looked like RPC was failing to
connect.  I just put this down to things being broken on a 64 bit platform
so I did not dig too hard.  I will have another poke at my setup and
get some better debug happening - now that I think of it there were a few
things I can try... (I am really missing not having coda running)

Brett Lymn
Received on 2005-01-22 07:31:41