Coda File System

is there any OS bias?

From: adam stokes <>
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 23:10:10 -0500

first of name is adam.....and its a great pleasure 
to address everyone

i have a rather simple question.....maybe

	I was parsing the mailing list archives, getting my bearings, and i 
ran across a dozen little things that hinted at troubles with FreeBSD
	I am an OpenBSD user (ie counter culture) and tend to think of BSD 
distributions as old and stable and suited to business applications 
where reliability is a huge factor ...  whether this is fact or random 
bias i dont know but openBSD and i get along easily

	however....i am going to do some playing on old machines and then 
build a new file network from scratch.....
so i can use any OS if it lends itself....

so ..... are there any OSs that the development invests more heavily in 

if you could say to me "you really ought to run Coda on ________ "

and would any such bias apply to clients as well as servers?

I would really appreciate any insights ... much as i love "try it both 
ways and see".....hours are getting precious :-)

thank you

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