Coda File System

Re: Migration procedure

From: Stephen J. Turnbull <>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 11:57:57 +0900
>>>>> "Jerry" == Jerry Amundson <> writes:

    Jerry> I have several GB of maildirs in a compressed tar
    Jerry> file. When I try to untar (to venus on the SCM), it gets a
    Jerry> ways before giving me "File too large" errors. But the SCM
    Jerry> has plenty of space.

"File too large" presumably means *file* too large.  Is there a chance
that you've got a file (maybe a backup tar or something) > 100MB in
there?  You aren't trying to copy the tarfile itself to Coda, are you?

The other likely candidate, since these are maildirs, and you get
"quite a ways" but don't seem to have an intuition as to why it broke
just *there*, is that you have a *directory* that is too large.  Since
this limit is given in bytes (256K, IIRC), not dentries, I suppose
that a somewhat imprecise "file too large" error might be issued when
you run out of space for more entries in a directory.

    Jerry> Can I bypass venus, or manipulate cache size somehow?

No, you can't bypass venus.  There are no directories you can access
without venus, it all lives in RVM, which is a BLOB.

If it's a regular file, you just change the cache_blocks (or is it
cache_size now?) entry in venus.conf (typically in /etc/coda), make
sure your venus is sync'd up (cfs fr on each volume), and reinitialize
venus.  If you want to ensure pre-primed cache for the users after
rebooting venus, use spy and hoard.

If it's a directory, fire up your editor of choice and start hacking
Coda source.  Horrible, I know, but there you are; it's an unfortunate
(in hindsight) design choice made many years ago.  Jan et al. have
other priorities at the moment, although I'm pretty sure Jan has said
that this restriction is on his "must go away someday" list.

    Jerry> Also, how to I make sure the data is replicated to my
    Jerry> second codasrv? Ie. venus on the second codasrv could
    Jerry> really just be looking at the first.

Shut down the first codasrv, and take a look via either venus, is the
obvious brute-force approach.  I don't think looking in the server's
container storage area will be very enlightening because the file
names are all internally generated, but with "several GB" a du will
tell you if you're in the ballpark or not.

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