Coda File System

hard-coded values in coda scripts

From: Maurice van der Pot <>
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2004 21:45:03 +0100

After getting a report from a user about conflicting with a file
by the same name installed by tar, I looked a bit closer at the scripts
that coda installs and it seems that several of them still have hard-coded
things in them.

Here's a list of installed scripts that refer to /vice directly:

The same holds for these scripts:

I would have provided a patch, but I noticed that the scripts that do take
the configuration into account use different approaches of getting the
value of vicedir.

Additionally there are some hard-coded e-mail addresses in

Should people edit manually (is that stated in the docs?) or
is this script not meant to be used outside of CMU? If it is supposed to
be used outside of CMU, would it be possible to change its name to 
something less likely to cause conflicts, like


Maurice van der Pot

Gentoo Linux Developer
Creator of BiteMe!

Received on 2004-11-06 15:48:11