Coda File System

load balancing question

From: Mike Branda <>
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 2004 10:09:11 -0500
	I made it a little further with coda.  I'm now in the process of trying
to create a replicated volume and it brought a question to my mind that
might be easier to ask than hack through.  The reason we are exploring
clustering techniques is that we have a large group of rendering
machines (122...) that make a read request for the same file all at once
and write back to 122 separate files.  They all need the same source
information but read different segments of the file and output the
corresponding data.  All that said, I'm looking at a cluster that can
have replicated volumes and will load balance the requests for the
read-only file.  Can this be done in coda??  I'm still pushing through
the docs on replication.....but I figured I'd ask!  ;^)


Received on 2004-11-01 10:10:22