Coda File System

coda-client-setup 0.3

From: Ivan Popov <>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 17:48:40 +0200
The next version of coda-client-setup is out,
it features support for

 - Linux 2.6   on Intel 32
 - Darwin 7.5  on Powerpc
 - FreeBSD 5.2 on Intel 32

Later kernel/OS versions should work as well.

Kenrel module is included in Linux 2.6 kernel and FreeBSD 5
(do not forget to "modprobe coda" on Linux and "kldload coda" on FreeBSD)

On Darwin you will have to download/compile the module from

As usual, fetch

and run it with Bourne sh (of course being a super-user) :

 sh coda-client-setup [--help]

Please report any problems to <>.

Received on 2004-10-11 11:50:52