Coda File System

Re: konvalo..

From: Ivan Popov <>
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2004 20:57:18 +0200
> > ... coda server?
> > It's pretty slow for me to access anything there ;)

Thanks for your remark Troy!
(it made it to's FAQ :)

Well, it is slow (or extremely slow depending on the link latency!)
the first time, then it becomes fast - Coda is wonderful.

I am running that over ADSL (about 150 Kbyte/sec for Venus fetches)
which is annoying at the first login after Venus (re)setup.

It is wise to start the biggest programs like openoffice, mozilla and gimp
at once, in the background. As it is latency which limits the speed,
they load simultaneously and do not fill the line (which can do up to
700 Kbyte/sec).

Just close the windows when they pop up, and next time they are
ready to be started.

There are no openoffice/mozilla/gimp on yet,
but I am talking about my own "production" setup, which I do not want to

I am running all "host-related" daemons from Coda too,
including ntpd, gpm, xdm, X, somewhere lpd and so on,
so the first start of a fresh host naturally takes a while over ADSL -
still it takes a lot less time than a Kickstart of a RedHat workstation
over a 100Mbit LAN! :)

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